Yakitori Fukuchan (Changle, Shanghai)


Address: 223 Changle Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu (长乐路223号, 近陕西路)
Subway: South Shaanxi Road, Line 1/10/12
Hours: Daily, 5pm-2am

If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss altogether. Look for the two red lanterns!

Yakitori Fukuchan is a tiny, one-room joint that barely seats 15 or 16. It’s well known in the Shanghai F&B scene (read: Kelley Lee’s circle of the Shanghai F&B scene) but it IS legitimately a great spot for reasonably priced charcoal grilled yakitori and cold Kirin on tap. Skewers range from 8RMB – 15 RMB (30RMB for whole grilled saury) with cold starters ranging from 10 RMB – 30 RMB and rice and ramen ranging from 20 RMB – 45 RMB. Draft Kirin or bottled Asahi is only 25 RMB.

Front page of the English menu
Back page of the English menu

When we went (this time) on a Monday night around 9p, it was relatively empty inside. I asked to sit outside (aka just at a rickety folding table on cheap plastic IKEA stools, since the weather was nice) but apparently the local police are cracking down on outdoor seating, so inside it was. I entertained myself by eavesdropping on the couple nearby (got a couple pretty good “Overheard” posts out of that) before Josh arrived.

Edamame. Perfectly fine, if a little soft for my taste
Tako-Wasabi, 芥末章魚, or octopus with wasabi. Nice and bouncy.
Chicken meatballs (amazing, tender, and flavorful) and mushrooms (tried and true)
Quail eggs (lightly salted), capelin (full of roe), Vienna sausages, and crispy chicken skin

As always, I wound up accidentally ordering too much (see: the extra quail eggs and chicken wings leftover). I also asked for them to specially make me an egg AND soy sauce fried rice, which they willingly did and came out delicious.

View of the entire restaurant from our front corner table, after we demolished everything.

It’s close, it’s cheap, it’s tasty. Despite being officially outed as the go-to after-work spot for F&B veterans, we’ll definitely be back.

Booze: ★★★★
Snark: ★


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