The Bull & Claw (Fenyang Lu, Shanghai)


Address: 110 Fenyang Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu (汾阳路110号, 近复兴中路)
Subway: South Shaanxi Road, Lines 1/10/12

The entrance to Bull & Claw

There was a lot of hype surrounding the (re)opening of the new Bull & Claw (not sure if this counts as an opening or a reopening since the first location closed down), but a few weekends after its soft opening, we decided to make a reservation for Saturday brunch to check it out.

First of all, we woke up for our 12p reservation at 11:40a (no thanks to drinking most of a bottle of Suntory whisky as highballs the night before) so I called and asked to push back to 1p. They thanked us for calling to let them know, and assured me it would be no problem. Sweet! I was worried they’d be packed and we’d have to give up our reservation.

…a totally unfounded concern. When we arrived, the first floor had a fair number of other tables but nowhere close to the hustle and bustle I would have expected for how much hype there was. Not that I’m complaining, because it meant we were seated immediately. Hungry and hungover, we decided to skip the bottomless option but splurge on some lobster add-ons, so I got the Lobster Benedict and Josh got the Lobster Club, and both ordered Bloody Caesars and Americanos.

The coffee was Illy, nothing to complain about. The Bloodys were pretty good, albeit very salty AND tangy, which I didn’t mind as much as Josh did. Not the best bloody in Shanghai, but probably the most decent and also closest to our house.

In terms of the food, I will say my Lobster Benedict WAS pretty good. Not a terribly large portion as there were no accompanying sides, but there were decently sized chunks of lobster meat and the eggs weren’t over or undercooked, although I think the Hollandaise was a bit bland.

Josh’s Lobster Club came with thick cut fries, but the sandwich itself was comprised of three huge slices of bread, so Josh wound up being full after half his sandwich + fries.

I dug “the good stuff” (aka the egg, bacon, cheese, and lobster) out of the other half of his sandwich, and as you can see, it was pretty dinky.

I guess we technically both got the “2 Courses for ¥‎145” option since our drinks counted as the first course, meaning we saved ¥‎10 each because a Bloody Caesar would ordinarily be ¥‎70 and one course would be ¥‎85. But once you factor in the “add ¥‎90‎” because we both got bougie lobster options, our food clocks in at ¥‎175 each. WHAT? $26 USD for a sandwich that was mostly bread? $26 for eggs Benedict that, mind you, only comes with the two portions of Benedict?

Overall it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t too impressed either. I would probably go back with a big group to take advantage of the freeflow, or once the weather cools down to drink on the terrace, orrrrrr if I was really craving lobster, but then I would go and order just lobster instead of any of the brunch options with lobster. To give B&C a fair shot, we should probably go back for their set lunch (which admittedly looks pretty good) or normal dinner menu.

Yeah. I’d be down for that lobster bisque (or salmon cake) and smokey turkey and goat cheese club.

Booze: ★★ (alright if you’re craving lobster, decent bloodys, but nothing special)
Snark: ★★★½ (vaguely pretentious and super overpriced)


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