Kingway Beer Garden (Shenzhen, China)


Name: Kingway Beer Garden, Bao’an (宝安金威啤酒广场)
Address: Liu Xian 2nd Road(Exit B, Xing Dong Metro Line), Bao’an District (宝安区留仙二路宝安金威啤酒广场)

In hindsight, I have no idea how we found out about this place. After exploring Window of the World (this kooky little theme park filled with miniature replicas of famous landmarks from around the word), we made our way to the Kingway Beer Garden, which is both a microbrewery and a restaurant. It was out of the way and hard to find, but we were really glad we made the trek and the effort!

Not sure if this counts as craft or microbrewed, but it’s a local beer, for sure!

Their “beer garden” was a lot of outdoor seating with a stage and TVs and cups of dice on every table, but we were getting kind of chilly so we sat inside. It was surprisingly empty, but even better, surprisingly CHEAP: a pitcher of their microbrew was only 18 RMB! Everything else on the menu was pretty cheap (and tasty), too.

豉油皇吹筒仔, or stir fried baby squid
Stuffing my face with baby squid tentacles.
招牌鉢仔豆腐, crispy fried silken tofu in some kind of amazing sauce.
Garlic grilled oysters and scallops.
乾炒牛河, stir fried beef chow fun (flat rice noodles)
Somebody was excited

Booze: ★★★½ (not the best beer I’ve ever had, but refreshing, cheap, and perfectly satisfying)
Snark: ½ (again, zero pretentiousness, super cheap, and tasty)


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