Fireball Whiskey in Siargao


We LOVE Siargao Island in the Philippines. We went for the first time in 2015 with a couple of friends, and returned this year for their wedding. Obviously there was plenty of booze and snark. And Fireball.

Siargao wedding

We are also huge fans of Fireball whiskey. Back in 2012, when we moved to China, you couldn’t get it here at all. We would always have to buy a big bottle to bring back with us whenever we went back to the US (or one time we found it in Taiwan). Then somewhere around 2015 there was a guy that started importing it, and now it’s pretty readily available. There was a viral video a few years ago of a wedding party drinking Fireball which we’ve always liked, plus in my experience all the best weddings have Fireball. So obviously we packed up our bottle of Fireball, flew it to the Philippines and took it island hopping.

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