Cuivre (Huaihai Lu, Shanghai)


I’m realizing now that we messed up–and are continuing to mess up with each passing day. We went to Cuivre for restaurant week once, and then never went back. That was a mistake.

I’m going to tell you about the restaurant and everything, but first we have to talk about this risotto.

Cheese risotto

This thing is out of control. I don’t have anything against risotto, but a lot of times I feel like it is closer to eating a bowl of rice than the dish it’s supposed to be. Not in this case. It was creamy, cheesy deliciousness. This maniac wasn’t even trying to play it safe, it was straight up riding that line between an entree and a dip. Substantial enough that I felt no compunction about eating it with a spoon, but at the same time I couldn’t help thinking ‘cook it a little longer, or throw it in a blender and damn, this would be great spread on a nice brioche, or a toasted baguette, or tortilla chips.’

Let’s say the decadence level was high with this one. It’s exactly what risotto should be (to me).

And, as if further social proof were needed, while we were finishing up some bros rolled in (I mean they were a little older and more mature, but they were bros at heart). They weren’t having the restaurant week menu, and one of them had clearly been there before because he was like “dude, you have to get this risotto. It’s bomb,” and immediately ordered 3.

The Rest of the Restaurant

Cuivre is located across the street from Shanghai library in a building that contains T for Thai and CU2; all three of which are owned by the same people. Cuivre is an upscale french restaurant, which might help to explain why we haven’t been back. You’d think that its close proximity and that risotto would have brought us back, but the atmosphere seemed a little less like a place you just pop into for dinner, and there are so many places in Shanghai I guess we just don’t think to go back to a lot of places when we’re planning a date night.

Beouf: Braised warm ox cheek, portobello mushroom, and sliced iberico ham

Also, the risotto was good, but the rest of the menu got a little more of an ‘ehh,’ from us. The braised ox cheek was a solid start. It definitely hit that ‘country-style’ quality.

Bavette a l’echalotte: Grilled wagyu beef flank served with green pepper sauce and home made mash potato

The beef flank was a little chewy, but the meat itself had good flavor. I guess doing my own long cooks of flank and having it just fall apart has made me a little spoiled when it comes to the tenderness of meat. That’s all we really want anyway, right? Tender meat?

Address: 1502 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu (淮海中路1502号, 近乌鲁木齐路)
Subway: Shanghai Library (Line 10)

Booze: ★★ (We had wine. It was good, but we weren’t exactly stretching the boundaries of their wine menu.)
Snark: ★★★★


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