Welcome to Booze & Snark!

Domaine Carneros, Napa, CA
We’re Josh and Alex, the couple behind all the Booze & Snark. We originally had another aspiring *~travel blog~* called Passporteurs but one day Josh was like, “Ugh, it just sounds so French,” and Alex was like, “Fine, so what do you want to change it to?” and Josh was all, “I don’t know, something that’s more ~us,” and Alex, perhaps a little boozily and snarkily, was like, “What, so you want our blog to be about booze and snark?”

And so Booze & Snark was born.

…Well, the blog version, anyway. Our relationship started with a mutual love of international travel and the finer things in life — who are we kidding, with booze and snark — eight years ago in Amsterdam. We had actually gone to the same middle and high schools but didn’t really know each other back then. Then junior year of college, Alex was in Amsterdam with a mutual friend for Spring Break. Josh happened to be in Germany with some Navy buddies, so the aforementioned friend (with whom he was good friends from high school) invited him to hang out with them in Amsterdam.
At an H&M in Amsterdam in March 2009, when Alex didn’t know how to fill in her eyebrows and Josh wore women’s scarves.
It was our predilection for booze and snark that sparked an initial attraction, so Josh invited Alex to attend the Naval Academy Ring Dance as his date later that year, kickstarting our travels through Annapolis, Washington DC, and NYC.
At Naval Academy Ring Dance in May 2009
However, due to being in different states we didn’t actually start dating until a couple years later after graduation, when we were both back in Austin.
ACL 2011
While we were based in the States, we traveled to Fort Worth, Charleston, New Orleans, Belize City (Belize), Cozumel and Costa Maya (Mexico), among others. We moved in together in August 2012, but we’d barely unpacked the last of our boxes when the opportunity to move to Shanghai presented itself. We figured, why the hell not, we’d handled all sorts of other travel adventures together! So off we went, booking one way tickets to China (and marking our first ever flight together)!
At the highest point in Roatan, Honduras
Since landing in Shanghai in October 2012, we’ve lived in three different apartments, traveled all over China and Asia, and flown countless miles together. In the past almost five years, Shanghai has truly become home, so here are our adventures, boozin’ and snarkin’, Lewis and Clarkin’!